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By Dennis Bruynseels
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Gobo’s in Gobo wheel 1 can’t be used in Beam mode, only in Spot mode, to protect the Glass Gobo’s. If you use a Gobo in Gobo wheel 1, the Smarty Hybrid automatically switches from Beam to Spot mode.

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There’s a difference in usage for Gobo’s in Beam and in Spot Mode with the Smarty Max. What can be done?

Two Gobo wheels are included in the Smarty Max. One Gobo wheel is equipped with a combination of glass and metal Gobo’s and one is a static-stamped Gobo wheel. The Gobo’s of the first wheel can be exchanged with custom Gobo’s (OD 13.8mm / ID 9.0mm).

The first Gobo wheel is also being used to switch between Beam Mode and Spot Mode. Therefore, all Gobo’s in the first wheel, can only be used in Spot Mode. Even when you’re in Beam Mode and switch to a Gobo in the first wheel (without setting your Smarty Max to Spot Mode), it will automatically switch to Spot Mode. The Gobo’s of the second wheel can be used in both Beam and Spot Mode.