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By Dennis Bruynseels
Quick Help!
Go to Menu > Lamp Control > Lamp Power Mode to set the power for the Smarty Max. Choose from 370W, 440W and 480W. When using 440 and 480W, if the shutter is closed for a while and the Lamp is on, it will automatically drop power to 370W, to save lamp hours. As soon as you open the shutter by the console, it will be at full power straight away! These Lamp modes can also be set from your console, using the control channel.

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Due to a smart lamp system in the Smarty Max, the fixture can be used at low, average or high power mode. Also, it uses its own internal hybernation mode. When the Smarty Max is used at 440 or 480W, it will drop power to 370W when the shutter has been closed for a while. Still, when you open the shutter, the Smarty Hybrid will be back at your originally set Lamp mode.