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By Dennis Bruynseels
Quick Help!
LED “lamps off”, sounds silly? If the Artiste Dali is being used in Silent Fan Mode and it gets too hot after a while, it protects the LED and dims the LED first and if it’s still too hot, it shuts itself off after a while. This can only happen, when you're using it in extreme situations, such as outdoors in direct sunlight with high temperatures. Here’s what you need to do: In the fixture’s menu, go to Personality > Fans Control > select Auto or High. Wait a few seconds, the LED will turn back on!

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The Artiste Dali has got a smart cooling system so you’re able to adjust its fan levels. By default, the unit is in Auto mode, which means the unit adapts the fan speed to the units temperature and there's no chance the LED will dim or shut itself off. If you have an event where you need an absolute silent fixture, just turn the fans down to Silent mode. If you’re in a hot environment like a tent, our outdoors in the summer in direct sunlight, you might have high temperatures to deal with. To protect the LED of the fixture, it will reduce the output with 30%, depending on the temperature, to protect the LED. If that isn’t enough to cool the unit down, it will shut down the LED. To prevent the fixture of becoming too hot in these kind of environments, we have the High Fan option. Once set to High, it will cool the LED at any time to keep it at operation temperature.