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By Dennis Bruynseels
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Artiste Monet has got more color on board than any other. It uses subtractive color mixing, meaning it works with color flags. Besides the usual Cyan, Magenta and Yellow flag, the unit has a Color correction (CTO) flag and includes Red, Green and Blue flags for the saturated RGB colors.

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The smart SpectraColor system in the Artiste Monet is a one-of-a-kind. As it’s purely subtractive color mixing, it has got more vibrant colors than additive color mixing fixtures. Your CMY colors work just as you’re used to. The RGB work slightly different, as these are flags in front of a white LED.
Pro Tip: Have a little play with the SpectraColor Flags, and try some stuff in combination with morphed gobo’s, the animation wheel and the ‘water effect’ glass gobo!