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By Dennis Bruynseels
Quick Help!
Use Focus Mode for quick focussing! On the side of the KL Fresnel, you'll find an encoder (2 encoders for KL Fresnel 8). Press and hold the Dimming Encoder for a few seconds to access Focus Mode. The LED will turn on at 100% so you can focus your KL Fresnel. For the KL Fresnel 8, also the Zoom encoder works in Focus Mode. After 60 seconds, the KL Fresnel will automatically go back to DMX Mode.

More info...
Focus Mode only works when DMX is connected. It overrules the DMX information, for you to focus your lights without needing remote access to your console. For the KL Fresnel 8: After 60 seconds, the Zoom also goes back to the DMX-set position, it does not remain at Focus Mode position.

Little tip: Set all your KL Fresnels at 50% output to see the spread on stage. With the one KL Fresnel in your hands in Focus Mode, you can see where you are moving it on stage as it is at 100%.