Working on a show soon with a Chamsys desk and looking for some Elation Professional Library files to control your fixtures?
Sure, you can check the internal library on your desk first if it's there. If not, this link will be a very good option for you:

http://files.magicq.co.uk/files/heads.all (starts downloading the entire new library)
After downloading, please read the instructions down below!

If that even didn't help, please write a comment and we'll get it for you asap!

After downloading the Heads.All file:

Following text is from Chamsys. If you have any questions, remarks, feedback or something doesn't work as described, please get in touch with Chamsys directly.

Updating the MagicQ Personality Library

MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC support personalities for over 16,000 different
fixtures. With the installation of each new software release, the personality library is
automatically updated. Due to the rate of change to the personality library with
constant updates, the heads.all file containing all the personality information is also
available on our website at www.chamsys.co.uk/download for you to download and
update between releases. This file is updated daily and contains information on each
head including channels, ranges, palettes and macro information.

Updating the Personality Library on MagicQ PC:
Updating the personality library on MagicQ PC can be done in one of two ways.

Method 1: This is the easiest method to update the library. In MagicQ, click on the
“Tools” menu (top left), and select “Update Heads”. This should then automatically
download the latest heads.all file and recreate the head index to update the list of

Method 2: This method is slightly longer but equally efficient. Once you have
downloaded the latest heads.all file from the link above, it should be copied into the
heads folder, usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\ChamSys Ltd\MagicQ
PC\show\heads. If you are a Mac user, the file path should be: Applications\MagicQ
PC\show\heads. The next time that the MagicQ PC software is started after updating
the heads.all file, the updated personalities will be extracted from the file, and will be
available for use. Please note: this may cause the application to boot slowly just this
first time.

Updating the Personality Library on MagicQ Consoles:
Updating the library on MagicQ consoles can be also done in one of two ways.

Method 1: Copy the heads.all file onto a USB memory stick. The file should then be
copied into the heads folder on the console. This can be done by connecting the
memory stick to the console, pressing the “Setup” key, selecting “File Manager” and
then “USB Drive”. You can then press the “Copy” key and select the heads.all file to
initiate the copying process. Switch back to hard drive by using the “Hard Drive” soft
button, and you should be in the “Show” folder where all of the show files are
located, marked “hard drive: show” in the title bar. Here there will be a folder called
“Heads”. Open this folder, and press the copy key again. This will copy the heads.all
file from the USB stick and into the heads folder on the console. Once the file has
been copied, the console should be restarted, whereupon it will extract the
information from the file and recreate the head index on the console.

Method 2: The second option is to copy the files from a computer to the console via
the network. The files should be located in the same folders as when upgrading with
a USB stick, and as with the previous method, the upgraded files will be available for
use once the console has been restarted.

Updating Single Personalities on MagicQ PC:
Updating single personalities is done in very much the same way as updating the
whole library, and can again be done in one of two ways.

Method 1: This is the easiest method to update individual personalities, and similar
to the first method of updating the whole library in MagicQ PC. In MagicQ, click on
the “Tools” menu (top left), and select “Install Heads File(s)”. This should then take
you to a browser where you can find and select the personality file(s) e.g.
“Brand_Name_Mode.hed” that you wish to add/update. Once you have selected the
files, click “Open” and these should be added for use in MagicQ.

Method 2: In this method you will manually copy the files into the correct folder. First,
ensure that MagicQ PC is closed, then open the heads folder in a file browser,
normally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\ChamSys Ltd\MagicQ PC\show\heads
(For Mac: Applications\MagicQ PC\show\heads). Copy the personality file(s) e.g.
“Brand_Name_Mode.hed” into the heads folder. Now when you open MagicQ the
head index will recreate and your personality should be in the library.

Updating Single Personalities on MagicQ Consoles:
Copy the desired personality file(s) e.g. “Brand_Name_Mode.hed” onto a USB
memory stick using your computer. Insert the USB stick into the console and open
the location of the USB Stick on the console, through SETUP > FILE MANAGER >
USB DRIVE. To load the personality to the console, choose the desired .hed file on
the screen and select “Yes” when asked if you wish to load the head file. The head
index will then re-create itself with the new personality in the library.

Still require assistance?
If you require any extra assistance on updating personalities or any other matters, please do not
hesitate to call the ChamSys support team on 02380 238 666 or email support@chamsys.co.uk.