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By Dennis Bruynseels
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If your lamp doesn't strike, or just doused, it could have several reasons. One of them is Ballast Error, mentioned in the display. If so, the fixture got warmer than its set temperature. Go to Menu > Lamp Control > Max On At Temp, and set to maximum temperature, confirm by pressing enter. Go to Menu > Lamp Control > Lamp Off Temp, and set to maximum temperature.

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In case your fixture reaches temperatures above the Lamp Off Temp, it shuts itself off to protect the bulb and the fixture. By default, these temperatures are not set to maximum conditions. Changing them, will make sure your Proteus Hybrid will strike again. Also, when you want to Lamp On your fixtures and the temperature is too high, you can change the Max On At Temp setting. The reason it refers to a Ballast Error, is because the Ballast won't be able to strike the lamp, due to the temperature settings.