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By Dennis Bruynseels
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There's no Zoom range indicated, nor is there a Zoom function in the DMX Traits. Still, if you want a zoom effect, use the Focus lens. The focus lens is the outer lens of the fixture and it can create cool effects when moving this lens (especially when Frost is at full!).

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Due to a wide focus range, it does look like the Dartz is zooming its beam. Actually, it is focussing and on a wide range of distances, the light in the beam is being cut by the opening of the lens and therefore looks focussed. However, in projection it does cast little shadows, as a reflection of the internal optics and doesn't look perfect in projection. Still, it is a beam fixture and it's all about the beam!

Even when you put in a frost and have the focus moving, it fills up the entire lens with light and creates a nice eye-candy effect.